Custom Photo Bracelet
Custom Photo Bracelet
Custom Photo Bracelet
Custom Photo Bracelet
Custom Photo Bracelet

Custom Photo Bracelet

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Perfect gift for you and your soulmate

A custom bracelet for you to immortalize that special someone that you hold close to your heart. Your entire world is encapsulated in a beautiful bracelet complemented by jewelry that has been crafted by skilled artisans.

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• Fill in the options above. If you want to order more than one bracelet fill in all info for one bracelet then add to cart. Then fill in your second bracelet's info and click add to cart and so on. When uploading your picture please make sure it is a high quality image. 

Processing Time

• We are facing a very high demand. Orders may take up to 25 business days to be shipped out. 

Bracelet Information

• Circle Pendant Diameter: 8mm

Why people love them

Hidden Image

Every bracelet is professionally mounted with the picture of your choice. You can either look inside or shine a light through the necklace to project it for everyone to see!

Durable Materials  

Custom Photo Bracelet is made from sturdy materials that will not irritate your skin or fade away easily. It is made to last just like your treasured moments.

The Perfect Gift 

The Custom Photo Bracelet is a gift that everyone can love. Put in a picture of whatever means the most to you! Put a picture of your significant other, a loved one that's past, or your pet, follow your heart :)


No matter the distance, your beloved one will always be able to be close to your heart. A beautiful bracelet for anything you love in life. Upload your favorite photo now.

Choose the photo of a special person that made you pass some good time. You are going to feel the nostalgia and be reminded of the good memories every time you look down at your custom piece.



“It was so beautiful he teared up.”


Got this for my boyfriends birthday came way earlier than expected. in love with this! It was so beautiful he teared up.


Most frequently asked questions

Yes, our bracelets are made to resist water.

YES! Our bracelets are adjustable. We understand not everybody likes to wear our bracelets the same way, this is why we added an extension so you can wear it with style.

No problem! We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee! If you end up not liking the product email and you can return the item for a full refund within 30 days.