Custom Magic Mug

Custom Magic Mug

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Perfect gift for your favorite person

A special way to surprise your loved ones! This unique Custom Mug is the perfect gift to express your love, from a naked eye this seems like any regular mug until you pour a hot beverage in it & see the hidden image! Grab two for you and your loved one & enjoy.

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No matter the distance, your beloved one will always be able to be close to your heart. A beautiful mug you can bring to anywhere. Upload your favorite photo now.

Choose the photo of a special person that made you pass some good time. You are going to feel the nostalgia and be reminded of the good memories every time you look down at your custom piece.

Why people love them

Hidden Image

Make someone smile when this amazing colour-changing photo magic mug reveals their favourite photo the moment they pour a hot beverage in it.

Durable Materials

The durability of this magic custom heat changing mugs can withstand even frequent washing from various usages every day.

The Perfect Gift 

The Custom Mug is a gift that everyone can love. Put in a picture of whatever means the most to you! Put a picture of your significant other, a loved one that's past, or your pet, follow your heart :)


Most frequently asked questions

No our Custom Mug is not dishwasher or microwave friendly.

Fill in the options above. If you want to order more than one Custom Mug fill in all info for one Custom Mug then add to cart. Then fill in your second Custom Mug's info and click add to cart and so on. When uploading your picture please make sure it is a high quality image.